How To Start A Blog

13/11/2011 23:17

Before you start a blog, there are few things which needs to be given a good thought and time.

  1. Idea - Blogging about which topic
  2. Proper Plan before starting a blog
  3. Pre Blogging research

Now if we can discuss them in detail as:

1- Idea - Blogging about What??

    Always remember that you succeed most in the field only which interests you. This is the most important thing to be taken care before starting a blog. Do what you love most. Many of you may be very health conscious and you might be knowing many tips to keep someones health up to the mark, and have striked it. You may share those ideas, tips with the people around the world and may become one of the top health and beauty blogger. Similarly someone of you might be very fond of movies and may start writing movie review, which is really very much in demand these days. Many of you might be having photography as hobby and may start it so. So I am listing down here a few of the top subjects which are in demend in blogging world. But the list is mere indicative and endless....

  1. Movie Review Writing
  2. Technology Updates
  3. Mobile and Other Gadgets
  4. Web Designing
  5. Music sharing and downloading
  6. Health and Beauty Tips
  7. Educational Strategist
  8. Travel
  9. Photography...and list continues, but funda is simple....go with your sure of achieving the rest.

2:- Proper Planing Before Starting a blog

     2nd doesn't mean not important. It is equally important aspect for sucessful blogging. As it is said "No Plan no success". Everyone of us are not Newton or Einstein who got it accidently. You should have a proper plan in place before you go out to compete the world where everyday more than lakhs of websites are created. So Question comes, what we should plan? If your goal of blogging is to only to share your knowledge and thought with the world and nothing else, it still requires some degress of planning. You need planning because:-

  • You want a fair readerbase of your website....right??
  • You want a plateform to get comments and feedbacks as well to know about the thoughts and improvements you may make in your writing
  • How to go about the setting up blog i.e. how the blog will complete its life cycle (you read it right - life cycle of blog).
  • Do you want to monetize your blog?...How, what would be the resources.

Many of you would be having other questions as well which we will discuss in coming topics.

3:- Pre Blogging Research - Last but not the least

     Many of you might ask me that this should be done right in the beginning. I accept that; but always remember, until and unless you have a unique idea which stands you separate from the crowd (which is the current scenario in the web), you might not sustain there for long. Just see the example of Himesh Reshamiya, he may not have a great voice, but he became superstar (just music....please don't talk about acting). So follow your intuitions and interest. Go out for research about the available plateforms like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla which really suits you to implement your blogging.


Topic: How To Start A Blog

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